"Chris Nick Paolini's Bully Problem" is the fifth episode of the Puffin Publishing Podcast.

Recording & Release Edit

"Chris Nick Paolini's Bully Problem" was conceived, recorded, and performed by TV's Kevin Lanigan, Joe Konroy, Justin Germeroth, and Vern Tooley, featured special guest Elizabeth Ann Swanson, and was released on iTunes and Soundcloud August 1st, 2016.

Sketches Included Edit

  • Paolini in the Schoolyard
  • Rombauer Roasts
  • Excerpts from the Shared Diary of Lewis & Clark
  • 10 Things You Do That Anger Your Barista, by Gary Paulsen of
  • Golden Horsemen
  • Jane Austen Pitches Movies
  • The End of the Podcast
  • Blooper Reel
  • Last Word with Lin-Manuel Miranda

Synopsis of Sketches Edit

"Paolini in the Schoolyard" Edit

Young adult fantasy writer and known Tolkien ripoff Christoper Nicholas Paolini has a rough time getting along with the more senior authors at the school.

Characters featured:

  • C. Nicholas Paolini
  • Edgar Allen Poe
  • John Green
  • Shel Silverstein
  • J.R.R. Tolkien (mentioned)

"Rombauer Roasts" Edit

Thanks to Pintrest, the extremely down-on-her-luck Ira S. Rombauer, author of The Joy of Cooking, under the advice of editor-in-chief T.S. Wiggles, opts to try her hand at professional comedic roasting.

Characters featured:

  • Ira S. Rombauer
  • T.S. Wiggles (mentioned)
  • St. Paul (mentioned)
  • Mark Twain (mentioned)
  • George Orwell (mentioned)
  • Clive Cussler (mentioned)
  • Herman Melville (mentioned)
  • Jane Austen (mentioned)
  • Fyodor Dostoyevsky (mentioned)

"Excerpts from the Shared Diary of Lewis & Clark" Edit

New insights into the Corps of Discovery's famous cross-country voyage are found within the shared diary of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark.

Characters featured:

  • Meriwether Lewis (TV's Kevin Lanigan)
  • William Clark (Vern Tooley)
  • Old Terry
  • New Terry
  • A dog named Seamen
  • Lewis' Slave